Celebrating the birth of a child

Thanksgiving Service: A Thanksgiving Service is a short Church of England ceremony within the All Age@10 morning service, whereby we thank God for your child, and ask God’s blessing on them. Your child may be a baby, a Toddler or a few years old. The Thanksgiving Service is the right start for everyone, and reminds us that we can thank God for:- 
1. The safe arrival of your child (or the first few years of life if your child is older!) 
2. The privilege and joy parent-hood 
3. The way God blesses us by giving us a family to belong to & care for 
For some people, the Thanksgiving Service is all that is desired. The service expects nothing more of you than you commit yourselves to be loving and faithful parents. The congregation offers you love and support and prayers for your family. We can normally arrange one of these services quite quickly. Following the Thanksgiving Service, you may still want a Baptism for your child. If so, that’s great, as Thanksgiving leads perfectly onto the next step. 

Baptism (sometimes known as Christening) Service: Baptism services are held either at St Nicholas or St Hubert's Church. During a baptism service you as parents are asked to declare your faith in Jesus and your desire for your child to be brought up within the Church Family. The service acknowledges the important influence parents have upon children and so asks from you a commitment to worship, prayer and the family of God. If you are considering baptism we ask you to come along to a service. Our Family Service at 10:00am, usually on the last Sunday of a month at St Nicholas is particularly suitable for young families lasting under an hour. Our Rector Jane will then arrange to meet with you to show you a short DVD about baptism and discuss with you the next steps. Download our leaflet about Baptisms here