Listen Later

We endeavour to record the talk from each service at St Nicholas. We hope this is useful if you have not been able to make it along for a Sunday - or you just want to listen again to reflect on what was spoken about. Download to your device and use the player of your choice to play the mp3 file. Most PC and android devices will be also able to use the controls below to play the file without downloading.
Sunday 16th February: Precious Treasure - Charles Burgess

Download: 16 February 2020  

Sunday 9th February: "Word and Spirit" Paul Eaton.

Download: 9 February 2020  

Sunday 2nd February: "The culture of Jesus" Jane Burgess.

Download: 2 February 2020  

Sunday 19th January: "Names of Jesus - who do YOU say he is?" Jane Burgess.

Download: 19 January 2020  

Sunday 12th January: "Moments of encounter" Jane Burgess.

Download: 12 January 2020  

Sunday 5th January: "The Glory of the Lord" Nigel Lloyd.

Download: 5 January 2020  

Sunday 15th December: "What does Jesus look like?" Rachel Stevens.

Download: 15 December 2019  

Sunday 8th December: "What does repentance mean?" Charles Burgess.

Download: 8 December 2019  

Sunday 10th November: "What is our response to Gods Love" Charles Burgess.

Download: 10 November 2019  

Sunday 20th October: "All Scripture is God Breathed" Derek Cheeseman.

Download: 20 October 2019  

Sunday 13th October: Charles Burgess

Download: 13 October 2019  

Sunday 15th September: "Yo Fluffy - Being Found" Rachel Stevens. (partial recording)

Download: 15 September 2019

Yo Fluffy!  

Sunday 8th September: "Cost of Discipleship" Charles Burgess.

Download: 15 September 2019  

Sunday 4th August: "Take off the old and put on the new" Paul Eaton.

Download: 4 August 2019  

Sunday 21th July: "Putting the big rocks in place" Charles Burgess.

Download: 21 July 2019  

Sunday 14th July: "The impact of Alpha" Jane Burgess.

Download: 14 July 2019  

Sunday 7th July: "The World, the flesh and the devil" Nigel Lloyd .

Download: 7 July 2019  

Sunday 30th June: Charles Burgess .

Download: 30 June 2019  

Sunday 16th June: "Trinity Sunday" Jane Burgess .

Download: 16 June 2019  

Sunday 9th June: "Pentecost - the Power of God at work" Jane Burgess .

Download: 9 June 2019  

Sunday 2nd June: Derek Cheeseman .

Download: 2 June 2019